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Read case studies from our clinics and programmes that show the impact of our work on the lives of women, men and young people.

Child marriage

Fatima, finally could escape from the curse of early marriage

Fatima is a 13 years old girl who lives in Madarbunia village of Patukhali, south of Bangladesh. Her father Abdur Rob and mother Ayesha Begum. She has seven members in their family including two sisters and three brothers. Her father owns a small tea stall. From the little income of the tea stall their family lived from hand to mouth. Fatima was a grade five school girls dreaming to become self dependent one day, once she finishes her study. She wanted to give a hand to her father and family in future. But her father, burdened with the big family, wanted to marry her off. He started searching a right groom for Fatima and finally fixed her marriage with Sumon, son of Motalib Ali of next village. 

Dreaming to finish her study, Fatima got shocked getting to know about her marriage. She discussed the matter with Zakia Begum, an NGO worker of Nirapod Project of Marie Stopes Bangladesh and told her that she did not want to get married before finishing her study. Then Zakia visited Fatima’s house, talked with her parents and discussed the bad consequences of child marriage. Zakia provided counseling on how marriage was huge responsibility for a girl of Fatima’s age, how it was risky for a girl to give birth in early age and how it was risky for a new born too. After the counseling Fatima’s parents understood the consequences of child marriage and realized that a girl could even die giving birth in such early age. They promised they would not marry off their daughter until she is grown up and ready for marriage. Fatima got really happy when she heard her family’s decision. Now she has started her school again. 

Safe menstrual regulation

How awareness saved Selina’s life

Selina Begum has three sons and one daughter. Her husband Mizanur Rahman is a day laborer with average monthly income 4000-5000 BDT. She got pregnant again and it was unwanted. On 4 months 15 days into her pregnancy she sought for MR. She visited an NGO health worker Asma Begum in her search for MR services. Asma Begum received the training on safe MR from Nirapod Project of Marie Stopes Bangladesh. In line of her training Asma told Selina that MR must be carried out by 6 to 10 weeks of pregnancy and it was totally unsafe after 10 weeks. Asma also counsel Selina about family planning and advised her to start family planning right after giving birth of child. 

Selina understood the risk of doing MR after 10 weeks and realised the value of family planning and safe MR. She promised herself that from now on she would take advice from Nirapod project.

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