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Advocacy Meeting on Incorporation of MR Rejection & Complications, Post Abortion Care (PAC), Post MRFP, Referral and MRM in the National MIS

Meeting between Nirapod Project MSB and DGFP

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12 Apr 2015 | Clinical services
As a result of Marie Stopes Bangladesh and its partners (BAPSA, Shushilan and Phulki) advocacy initiative the Directorate General of Family Planning under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Bangladesh has approved incorporation of post MRFP and MRM in their national MIS and more issues to be incorporated gradually.

As a part of National Project activity, Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP) in support of Marie Stopes Bangladesh organized an Advocacy Meeting on Incorporation of MR Rejection & Complications, PAC, Post MRFP, Referral and MRM in the Management Information System (MIS) on 21 December 2014 at IEM Conference Center of DGFP, Dhaka.

In the Inauguration session of the event Dr. Tapash Ranjan Das, DD (MCH), DDFP delivered the welcome speech.Following the session MSB shared the objectives and background of the meeting and advantages of having issues in MIS to:

    • Avoid repeated Menstrual Regulation

    • Increase Family Planning clients

    • More switching to Long Active Permanent Method (LAPM)

    • Increase of client satisfaction

    • Draw an overall picture on MR and PAC service situation of the country

    • Better way Prevention of unwanted pregnancy and unsafe MR

More than 30 participants from DGFP participated in the meeting and THEY PROVIDED valuable feedback in the open discussion. Mr. Zahir Uddin Babar, Director, MIS, DGFP was present in the meeting as the Chief Guest. Dr. Md. Moinuddin Ahmed, Line Director, CCSDP was present in the occasion as the special guest. Dr. Mohammed Sharif, Director (MCH – Services) and Line Director (MCRAH); DGFP chaired the meeting. It was decided in the meeting that:

1. MRM and Post MRFP will be included in the 8th edition (next) of MIS format; and

2. MR Rejection, MR Complication, Post Abortion Care (PAC) Services, Referral cases will also be incorporated in the online format in future