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Demographics & family planning in Bangladesh

Statistics and information on the population of Bangladesh and reproductive healthcare in the country.

Current population: 152.51 million
Population density (per 1,015
Population growth rate: 1.37%
CPR: 61.2%
TFR: 2.3
MMR (per 100,000 LB): 194
IMR (per 1,000 LB): 43
Adolescent birth rate (per 1,000 women): 118
Unmet need: 13.5% (Spacing: 5.4% & Limiting: 8.1%)

Life expectancy at birth: Male = 65.7; Female = 68.3

Expected time to reach replacement level fertility - 2015
Population will stabilize at around 230 million by 2050
Per capita income: US$ 1,198
% below national poverty line: 26% (1.5 US$ per day)

The largest RH segment of the population (15-24) constitute 19%
A large cohort of YP will be entering RH age opening up a not-to-be missed demographic window of opportunity
Each year the RH age group population increases by 5%  
Adolescents fertility rate not decreased, an opportunity to work in Maternal Health
Massive investments in education, FP and employment will yield demographic dividend in Bangladesh

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