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Clinical services

We provide sexual and reproductive healthcare services to around two million clients every year and are the major partner of the Government of Bangladesh in the National Family Planning Programme. Find out more about our range of clinical services below or find clinic locations on our 'where we work' page.

Types of clinic

Our network of 141 Clinics includes four different types as follows:

Marie Stopes referral clinics

Marie Stopes’ referral clinics are located in all the major cities and some district towns of Bangladesh. These clinics provide reproductive and general health services including family planning, ante-natal care and sexually transmitted infection management to the urban poor. Apart from these services, the clinics also support an extensive network of outreach activities like satellite services for marginalized people. Presently there are 61 referral clinics in 35 districts.

Marie Stopes clinics

Upgraded Mini Clinics provide services to the lower income group of people. These clinics are served by Paramedics and all the referral clinics’ services are available here except VSC, Implant and PAC. They offer services at a lower fee. Safety nets are ensured for the poorest of the poor through further price subsidization. Marie Stopes operates 65 such clinics in 50 districts.

Marie Stopes maternity clinics

Marie Stopes operates 12 maternity clinics, of which 3 are under the Urban Primary Health Care Project. They provide comprehensive maternity and general healthcare services including ANC, normal and cesarean deliveries, PNC and family planning.

Marie Stopes premium maternity clinics

We operate 3 premium maternity clinics in Bangladesh, 2 in Dhaka and 1 in Sylhet. These deliver quality maternity services.

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Services we provide

Our clinics provide the following services: 

Family planning

Marie Stopes provides a wide range of choices in family planning services to its clients through a cafeteria approach. All the services and quality are maintained as per the protocol developed by the Directorate General of Family Planning, Government of Bangladesh (GoB). Family planning services constitute 29% of Marie Stopes’ total service mix. The services offered are as follows:

Short term family planning methods (Pill, Condom and Injectables): These methods are provided in all static clinics. Presently, Marie Stopes provides oral pills, condoms and injectables to its clients every year.

Long term family planning methods (IUD and Implants): These methods are provided in 141 static clinics. Presently, Marie Stopes provides around 71,896 IUDs and 1,400 Implant services from 63 static clinics and numbers of implant camps every year. 

Permanent family planning methods (Tubal Ligation –TL; and Non Scalpel Vasectomy - NSV): These services are provided by static clinics, 11 VSC (Voluntary Surgical Contraception) Roving Teams and in collaboration with the government in 42 districts. Presently, Marie Stopes directly provides around 24,026 TL and 27,274 vasectomy services per year and in addition, helps to deliver around 73,442 TL and 51,591 NSV in collaboration with GoB.

Safe motherhood services

Ante-natal and post-natal services are provided in all the SDPs of Marie Stopes. These services include checkups, immunization and appropriate referrals. Delivery services (normal and caesarean) are provided in 6 maternity clinics in Dhaka, Barisal, Comilla and Sylhet. Safe motherhood services constitute 5% of Marie Stopes’ total service mix.

Menstrual regulation (MR) and post-abortion care (PAC)

MR and PAC services are provided in 122 static clinics. Presently MR and PAC services constitute 4.3% of Marie Stopes’ total service mix.

Management of sexually transmitted infections (STI)

This service constitutes large portion of Marie Stopes’ total service mix.

Child health

Provided in all 141 clinics. It includes immunization and limited curative care.

Expanded programme on immunisation (EPI)

Provided in all 141 static clinics of Marie Stopes and the vaccines are received from the GoB.

General health

Provided in all 141 static clinics and most outreach sites. Includes fever, cough, pneumonia, nutrition, skin disease, etc. General health constitutes 13% of Marie Stopes’ total service mix.

Supportive pathology

Limited pathological investigations are carried out to support  ante and post natal services such as urine routine tests, blood grouping, VDRL, TPHA, Sugar, Albumin, PH etc. in all 141 static clinics.

Ultra sonography (USG)

These services are currently provided at 25 static clinics.

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